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Planning on giving flowers this year for Mother’s Day? Try shimmer roses instead.

What’s more elegant and full of love than giving your mom home-baked shimmering rose cookies? These are so versatile and adorable you can cook a batch for any occasion or event. Since Mother’s Day is right around the corner, we thought we would teach you how to make these tasty treats.

Let us start off with the overall shape of the cookies, ideally sugar cookies are the best ones to use for this, there are various cookie cutters in the shape of flowers. As in the example below:

Once you have baked the cookies, let them cool! Start piping the roses with pink icing evenly. With a thin piping tip, create an outline in the shape of the petal to form a rose, like so:

As soon as you create those rose petals, sprinkle some Twinkle shimmer powder, or glitter sand on to the freshly piped line work and brush off the rest from the sides, as so:

Feel free to add a leaf detail to your rose to enhance the look. Try out a few more shapes, colours, and sizes, put them on sticks to create an edible rose bouquet for that special someone, or simply make an edible rose tray assortment!

We can’t wait to see what you create.

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