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About Twinkle Baker Décor



Canadian confectionary and novelty distribution company Exclusive Brands started the Twinkle brand over 6 years ago. Since then we have been dedicated to supplying consumers with innovative and quality baking décor.

We believe the experience of baking should be fun-filled and hassle-free. Using our line of user-friendly products, bakers of all ages can now truly appreciate the process of creating their own delicious treats.


Inspired by dessert loving culture, Twinkle baking décor was founded by a group of passionate bakers and designers.


Cake Sprinkles

- and -

Accessories Manufacturer

Run by a group of dedicated designers, manufacturers and sales associates, Twinkle creates and distributes products to the Canadian market. In addition to manufacturing and selling our own line of products, we are consistently customizing our innovations and designs to suit your needs.

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