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How To Make Easter Eggs Using Twinkles Food Colouring

Easter is right around the corner which means it's time to make and decorate Easter eggs!!

What you’ll need to make these colourful Easter eggs: Cooled boiled eggs and Twinkles Food Colouring.

First start out by boiling your eggs, allow them to cool down at room temperature before you start the colouring process.

Boil some water and place in a cup or mug large enough to fit the eggs into. To get the perfect colour you need, refer to Twinkles colour guide on the side of the box to make your fave mix!

Add Between 10 and 20 drops of Twinkle food colouring to the water until you get the desired shade. We also mixed different colours together to get a beautiful variation for our Easter eggs!

Soak the eggs in the colour, the longer you allow them to sit in the water the deeper and stronger the colour will be. If you’re opting for a pastel theme, keep them for about an hour. The best thing about using food colouring to decorate and colour your Easter eggs is that you can create a whole variation of colour mixes just with one tube.

We loved our final results, they are the perfect addition to any Easter basket. Share your Easter eggs and themed treats with us, by tagging us on Instagram and TikTok!

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