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Get more out of your food colouring!

Our Twinkle food colouring offers a wide colour palette from just one bottle. Depending on how many drops you’re using you can get a beautiful pastel or a vibrant and bright shade. We want to show you what you can do with it on various textures and consistencies! Here’s a colour guide on Twinkles food colouring:

100 grams Buttercream

2 drops: Light Pink

12 drops: Pink

24 drops: Deep Pink Starting with the ever so popular buttercream, with just two drops you will get a pastel light pink, with 12 you’ll get a standard pretty pink colour and with 24 drops you’ll get a deep pink.

50 grams Cookie Icing

1 drop: Pink

5 drops: Hot Pink

15 drops: Red

Moving on to cookie icing, with just ONE drop you'll get this pigmented pink colour! With 5 drops you got this vibrant hot pink, add 10 more drops and you have this amazing fire truck red!

30 grams White Chocolate

1 drop: Pale Pink

5 drops: Light Rose

10 drops: Pale Violet Red

With white chocolate you’ll get a very subtle light pink with one drop, with 5 drops it’s going to be a deeper pink and with 10 drops you will get a pale violet red shade!

30 grams Fondant

Put a dot onto the fondant: pink

1 drop: Bright Pink

4 drops: Red

Our food colouring works the best with fondant! With just a poke of the food colouring you’ll automatically get this beautiful pink colour, add a full drop and you'll get a hot bright pink, add 4 drops and you will get this red colour. That’s right with only 4 drops!!

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