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Frosting tubes

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

One of the best things about Twinkle frosting tubes (besides the taste of course!) is the fact that our unique packaging and design includes 4 nozzles with every tube. How cool is that? 4 different nozzle shapes allow you to be as creative as you can be when decorating your cookies, cupcakes, or cakes. Need some inspo on how to use them? No worries we got you:

Star Nozzle: The star nozzle is a great way to outline and make borders around your treats, or even layer them on top of cupcakes for a cute effect!

Writing Nozzle:

Free hand your work using the writing nozzle, whether you’re drawing your own images or writing a cute message!

Petal Nozzle:

Make a variety of flowers using the petal nozzle, layer them into patterns to create a beautiful flower assortment topper on all your cupcakes!

Leaf Nozzle:

Bring those flowers to life with some leaves on the side using the lead shaped nozzle, or do a classic swirl.

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