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Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Who else loves sprinkles as much as we do? Everyone, right? Are you a beginner baker trying out new hobbies amid a global pandemic? Well, we don’t blame you…with everyone stuck at home and turning to new hobbies, baking has seen large demands and interest during the last year.

We love being able to teach our customers about the basics of baking and some of the fun things that go into it, this week we will be discussing the various types of sprinkles to give you first time bakers an insight into the sweet side of baking décor. So, on that note, go grab your favourite bottle of Twinkle sprinkles, because we are about to dive straight into this colourful guide on everything you need to know.

Shaped Sprinkles

Shape Sprinkles are so much fun, they come in a huge variety of shapes and colours. Whether you are doing an Easter themed party or Christmas holiday bash, I guarantee you there will be a wide selection of sprinkle mixes to reflect your party theme. We have the most adorable Easter themed sprinkles that come in baby chicks and colourful spring flowers. These are an effortless way to spice up a cupcake or cookie, pair that with some frosting and voila—you’re a natural baker!

Jim Bits

Jim bits, you’re probably wondering what those are. Well let me tell you that you have seen these popular sprinkles on top of your cupcakes. These are long, thin, cylinder shaped delights that are the perfect toppers for cupcakes and cookies, but also look amazing on the side of cakes! They come in two popular flavours chocolate (YUM!) and rainbow! You can’t ever go wrong with Jim bits.


Pearly, glossy beads, what a beautiful signature touch to those detailed sweet treats you create, whether you’re using them as a border on cookies or even as pearls for a mermaid themed cupcake party. You can’t go wrong with simple but elegant beads. Sprinkle beads are as straight forward as they sound, they come in a huge variety of colours, ranging from pearl glossy to matte and clean. Not only that our Twinkle line offers shimmer pearl beads, you heard that right! These glamorous rounds will jazz up any plain cookie. How will you use them?


There is nothing that screams birthday party or surprises better than confetti!! That’s why confetti sprinkles are the perfect pairing for a burst of colour for your birthday cakes. They come in a literal resemblance of actual confetti. Sprinkle your goodies with these rainbow bits for the finishing touch.

Sweet Sand

What’s sweet sand? Its another form of sprinkles that are grainy in texture and resemble a sand-like feel. They are great for a delicate touch on baked goods. You can dip them around ice cream cones or donuts too, it’s one of the versatile decors that taste great and look fabulous.

Now that you know everything you need to know when working with these sweet toppers, showcase your creations online using Twinkle sprinkles and tag us to be featured. We can’t wait to see you bake your imagination; the options are endless!

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