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Now introducing Twinkle’s new and improved cupcake icing!

What makes our #icing so much better than the rest? Well, we will SHOW you... Not only is our new formula creamy, buttery and super smooth... Our cans come with not one but FOUR frosting tips included with every can! How amazing is that? We wanted to make sure our fellow bakers are getting the quality and convenience they need when using our products!

The petal nozzle is perfect for creating large cupcake swirls and you guessed it.... petals for flowers, pair this with the leaf nozzle and you got the prettiest flowers on every cupcake!

The leaf nozzle will add a great textured look to every swirl, use this as a detailing tool to the flowers made from the previous nozzle tool.

Write, design and detail any freehand style you want with the writing nozzle! The small round tip allows bakers to draw an image, write a sweet message, or simply make round dollops as shown below. Options are endless!

One of the most popular nozzles is the star, this design adds the final touch to all baked goods and hands down creates the best swirls and designs!

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1 Comment

Megan Macdonald
Megan Macdonald
Nov 19, 2023

I don't know if I just got a bad batch but I got 2 cans. One barely worked but I could have got past that if the icing didn't taste revolting. Like chemicals and barely sweet. Luckily my 5 year old and I only decorated one each. Those are now in the garbage and he's eating a plain one. Baaaaad.

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